Media Requests

My Old Kentucky Home welcomes commercial, educational, entertainment, and documentary film, and photography requests, in addition to media information requests. Filming at Kentucky's most recognized landmark is a relatively simple process. For nearly 80 years, we have accommodated film crews, and more, in a joint cooperation to further the image and mission of Kentucky's most beloved landmark. Kentucky has recently passed incentives that assist in filming in the state. For more on these incentives, visit the Kentucky Film Office website at

My Old Kentucky Home has been included in many commercial films, educational documentaries, and in film features on the area, produced by both domestic and international film crews. We welcome and encourage film crews to include My Old Kentucky Home when in the area. All filming must be scheduled prior to arrival, and is based on availability. All crews are subject to establishing schedules that avoid My Old Kentucky Home's daily tours and our visitors, however, depending on the nature of the project, we will accommodate our film crews as much as possible. 

Location fees for advertisement, fashion and catalog photography are negotiated on an individual basis. 

Location fees, if any, for commercial productions and motion pictures are typically discussed on an individual basis. 

In addition, we offer a wide arrangement of ancillary services such as temporary storage and parking. We can also recommend accomodations in close proximity to our site through our local tourism office. 

For photography or licensing of My Old Kentucky Home's protected images or trademarks, please contact Matthew Colin Bailey using the contact information below to start the process of arranging contracts with Kentucky State Parks. 

All media requests, including requests for filming, photography, commentary, and otherwise should be submitted to My Old Kentucky Home to

Photos, Artwork, & Videos

The use of the media below requires a written request and approval sent to for permission to use.

My Old Kentucky Home

Facts & Questions

Is My Old Kentucky Home Trademarked?

Yes. Any image of the mansion and its name as it relates to the mansion and park may only be used with written permission from Kentucky State Parks. Approval is easy, and in most cases, can be obtained at no expense. To inquire, about image and name use rights, call My Old Kentucky Home State Park at 502-348-3502.

May I Film at My Old Kentucky Home?

Filming for personal use outside of the mansion is acceptable. Filming for commercial use is prohibited without written consent from the Kentucky State Parks Central Office.

May I Fly A Drone Over My Old Kentucky Home?

No. The use of drones anywhere on Kentucky State Parks is strictly prohibited unless written permission is granted by the Kentucky Department of Parks.

May I Use The Name My Old Kentucky Home In My Buinsess Name?

Contact Kentucky State Parks legal counsel before using My Old Kentucky Home as a business name and before registering a business name that includes "My Old Kentucky Home."

Is My Old Kentucky Home Avilable for Filming Feature Films?

Occasionally, when it is in the site's best interest. My Old Kentucky Home has been used in many films and television shows. Contact us at 502-348-3502 for more information on filming at My Old Kentucky Home.