The Louisville Townhouse

The Rowan family owned and occupied a townhome in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to his political career as a United States Congressman, Judge John Rowan was a land speculator that owned more than 4,000 acres around the Louisville. In partnership, Rowan owned the wharf in Louisville including much of the city's riverfront. 



The Rowan family's Louisville townhouse is a two story brick building, three bays wide, set on an English basement primarily in the Federal style.

The building incorporates an elliptical window into the frontispiece of the entry door. Flanking slender columns to the left and right of the entry door are similar in design to those of the family's Federal Hill residence in Bardstown. The building is arranged with a central hallway on the north portion of the residence. A parlor and adjacent dining room are located on the first floor with bedrooms located on the upper floors of the residence.

An ongoing study into the Rowan's townhome is currently being conducted. 

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